Use Solo Ads To Increase Your ClickFunnels Active Members Fast

What is Solo Ads

One of absolutely the simplest ways that to make your list and increase your range of ClickFunnels active members is by investment in solo ads.

I understand they’re are a lot of shady vendors out there, therefore I’m going to prevent a lot of your time and cash by solely recommending ones that I’ve used and gotten positive results with.

my favorite solo ad vendors is called Udimi

very simple to and easy to use use.



Solo Ads

Traffic From Udimi Solo Ads

Udimi have several different markets or lists that you can choose to obtain Traffic from, but their largest and most popular by far is the Biz Op and Make Money online – I recommend sticking with for sending traffic to ClickFunnels offers (or perhaps the Internet Marketing category)

I recommend starting with at least 100- 200 clicks, then scaling up from there, based on how the campaign performs.


Solo Ads


In regards to promoting ClickFunnels, i prefer to stay with the offers that have the smallest {amount} amount of resistance (the FREE and FREE + shipping offers).

And, honestly I in the main simply care about the lead, as a result of as long as you collect leads, whether or not they obtain instantly or not, ClickFunnels can handle all the work on the backend and remarket to them over and yet again for you.

My goal is to send traffic to the FREE 14 Day Trial  but you can also try some of their other FREE plus shipping offers.

The most important part of buying solo ads is collecting the leads.

it’s very important to create your own followup sequence to warm your lead until they become a customer.

so keep in mind that this what is working to many top clickfunnel affiliate.

I have had success in collecting thousands of leads for ClickFunnels very quickly using solo ads, also as creating thousands of dollars simply by direct linking to pages like the FREE 14 Day Trial, however if you would like to significantly increase the chances that your leads will invest in ClickFunnels and stick around as paying customers, you ought to positively consider adding a bridge page before you send them to your ClickFunnels affiliate link. this can facilitate establish authority and rapport with the lead, and provides you the chance to sell them either through video or a custom email followup sequence, and also offer you the chance to increase them by providing exclusive bonus for taking action.